Welcome to the website of Moral Civic and National Education Committee !


Our Mission and Vision

- To cultivate and encourage student leaders, the Social Concern Group and Sunny Ambassadors in the team to be proactive and innovative, advocating love & care for others, pursuing excellence, promoting and practicing our school motto: Establishing Self and Establishing Others among fellow schoolmates.

-  To nurture our students with values of love, care, respect, responsibility, integrity, perseverance and establishing self and others.

-  To educate students to love and treasure resources so as to attain the goal of sustainable development.

-  To promote good values and virtues among students by introducing sunny characters, people with positive values and virtues, and their good deeds in society.

-  To care for students’ growth and development by introducing &sharing topics of personal growth in morning assemblies and assemblies.

-  To encourage students to participate in activities in and outside school, aiming to widen their horizons and enriching their personal growth and experience.

-  To recognize and award students with good characters, good deeds, and/or excellent performance in services.