Student Support Team(SST)


Plan, coordinate and implement the Whole School Approach to integrated education in order to further cultivate an inclusive school culture and enhance the effectiveness of the support given to students with special educational needs. 



Ms. Lam Wai Ching (LWC)



Mr. Lee Ka Wai (LKW) (Vice Principal)

Miss Hung Man Fung (HMF) (Vice Principal)

Miss Chan Shuk Kuen (CSK) (Disciplinary Master)

Miss To Wai Man (TWM) (Guidance Committee Coordinator)

Mr. Lui Chun Hin (LCH) (Social Worker)

Miss Chu Hoi Ki (CHK) (Social Worker)

Miss Yip Nga Sze (YNS) (Student Counselor)


Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary SchoolTel : 2464 3731 | Fax : 2464 3243
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