Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

Extra-curricular Activities Regulations

  1. All participants must follow the instructions of the teacher-in-charge.
  2. Participants must maintain discipline and order throughout the activity.
  3. When a student has been enrolled in an activity, he/she must turn up on time. If for some important reasons a student cannot be present he/she must obtain permission from the school to be absent.
  4. Participants must clearly remember the venue, date and time for the activity they have been enrolled in.
  5. During an activity, the participants must be courteous to and follow all the instructions of the activity organizer.
  6. No loud talking, quarrel, foul language or horseplay is allowed during an activity.
  7. Unless otherwise instructed, do not bring any food or beverage to the activity venue.
  8. Participants should have enough cash ready to pay for all the necessary expenses for the activity; bringing excessive cash or valuables to an activity is not advised.
  9. Participants should look after their personal belongings.
  10. Participants must wear full school uniform to an activity if instructed to do so. For those activities held outside the school where the school uniform is not required, participants' outfits must be unadorned, dignified, clean and tidy.
  11. Participants in any sports activities must wear an appropriate outfit as designated by the school.
  12. The participants should assemble promptly. They must not be excused early from or leave during an activity without the teacher's permission.
  13. Participants must report any accident to the school.
  14. Students must notify their parents of their participation in an activity.
  15. Any enquiries about an activity should be addressed to the teacher-in-charge.
  16. Prior permission must be obtained from the school if any house, club, society, or student wishes to organize or host activities in the name of the school.
  17. Safety comes first. All participants should stay away from any activities which may present danger.
  18. Gambling, smoking and littering are strictly prohibited.
  19. When participating in outdoor activities such as picnics or camping, care must be taken to prevent hill fire and to conserve the natural environment.
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