Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

Medical Room Regulations

  1. If feeling unwell or is injured, a student may take a rest or receive treatment in the Medical Room after they have registered at the General Office. Once they leave the Medical Room, they should record their departure time at the General Office.
  2. If feeling unwell during a lesson, a student can be accompanied to the Medical Room by the monitor after getting permission from the teacher. Thereafter, the monitor should report to the General Office and return to class immediately.
  3. Students may enquire at the General Office for basic medical supplies for external use only.
  4. The school does not supply any medicine for internal use.
  5. Both cold and hot water are available at the Medical Room. Cups should be washed both before and after use.
  6. If necessary, a student may also request to return home. He/she needs to notify the form teacher or the General Office. The General Office will then contact his/her parents to pick up the student. Student must not leave the school without parent’s company.
  7. If a student wishes to return home, he/she should obtain an Application Form for Early Leave from the General Office. The form should be handed to the caretaker at the school entrance when the student leaves the school with his/her parents.
  8. Students may request to be accompanied to a nearby clinic by a caretaker, but they will be responsible for their own medical expenses.
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