Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

Special Room Regulations

  1. No student may access the special rooms without the prior permission of the teacher-in-charge.

  2. Students should line up and follow the instructions of the teacher when they enter or leave the special rooms. 

  3. Students should follow the seating arrangements made by the teacher.

  4. For safety reasons, students must not touch any items in the special rooms unless they are instructed by the teacher.

  5. All exits and passages in the special rooms must remain free of obstruction at all times. Chairs should be aligned properly during an experiment.

  6. Students must not begin an experiment unless they are instructed to do so by the teacher.

  7. Students must follow the teacher's instructions strictly when conducting an experiment. They should pay attention to the safety requirements in the special rooms, no loud talking or horseplay are allowed in the special rooms.

  8. Students must report all accidents and breakages to the teacher immediately.

  9. Students in each group should clean up their work area and return all equipments to the proper place. Trash must be put in litter bins and must not be left in the sinks.

  10. All breakages and damages in the special rooms must be reported to the teacher, who will enquire further into the incidents.  The school reserves the right to claim compensation as appropriate.

  11. After an experiment, all items used should be cleaned up and handed back to the group leader for replacement.

  12. After an experiment and prior to leaving the special room, each group leader should ensure that all electrical switches, gas and water taps have been turned off.

  13. No student is allowed to stay in a special room without being accompanied by a teacher or staff member.

  14. The above Rules for Special Rooms must be strictly followed to ensure safety.  Offenders are subject to disciplinary actions.

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