Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School


Aims and Mission

Technology is developing rapidly. The use of computers and information technology (IT) in the modern world, in every part of society, is so common as to be inescapable and unavoidable. Students in schools must learn to use IT as a tool for their everyday lives, especially in the future. By the time students are in their early twenties, the technology we deem as state of the art today will probably be outdated, but students who have a good grounding and a solid basis in today’s technology, will find it much easier to cope with whatever changes and improvements are on the way.

Skills and understanding of computers and IT will undoubtedly play a part in students’ success in the coming years when they are part of the workforce. Lack of such skills will likely be part of the reasons for less job opportunities and possibly failure. With these important factors in mind, we have chosen the following aims to be central to our service to the students:

  • develop computer literacy together with an understanding of the concepts of computer systems and Information Technology
  • provide an appreciation of the trends in the contemporary development of Information Technology;
  • demonstrate and help develop problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills and show how these apply to students’ daily lives and learning;
  • Cultivate positive attitudes towards the rapidly-changing technological basis of modern society and its widespread use of computers. 
Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
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