Student Activities

Introduction to Student Activities Units

There are approximately 1,100 students in the School, divided into four Houses: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, all competing vigorously in various inter-house competitions and activities.Each House is under the leadership of a House Captain.The House Captains for the current academic year are listed as follows:

House Teachers-in-charge House Captains
Mr. Wong Man On , 
Mr. Yeung Chun Hung
Leung Tsz Yau(5C)、Wong Chun San(5B)
Mr. Chui Hing Wa , Ms. To Wai Man Lai Hok Yee(5A)、Wu Tsun Wa(4C)

Ms. Lau Oi Wing, Mr. Lau Pok

Wong Lok Yiu(4C)、Chan Hau Tin(5C)
Ms. Chu Wai Ting , Ms. Fan Lai Sum Wong Nga Wing(4B)、Kwok Wing Tung(5B)

‘One Sport One Art for Life Programme’- Objectives
(1) To cultivate the students’ interests and ability in appreciating sport and/or artistic activities, enriching their lives.
(2) To help students achieve a balanced growth and develop their multiple intelligences.
(3) To improve the students’ self-esteem and raise their performance in artistic and sport activities.

 Student Leaders’ Society - Credo
‘The art of educating a person lies not only with teaching good students, but also teaching students well.’

Apart fromthe 4 School Houses, the One Sport One Art for One Student Programme, Students’ Union, Student Leaders’ Society, various student clubs and societies of different academic, extra-curricular, servicing, and religious interests are available to enable students to actualize their potential via a rich array of extra-curricular activities.Each student club and society is headed up by a teacher-in-charge, but run by an executive committee formed by students, who are responsible for planning and organizing the club/society’s activities for the entire academic year.

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