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Discipline is essential to an individual's complete and all-rounded development. Discipline refers to well-established and widely accepted rules and standards of behaviours. Compliance with these rules and standards of behaviours is required for individuals to conduct theMs.elves in the society and for countries to maintain governance and stability. The role of the Discipline Team is therefore to teach and counsel students on compliance with school rules. Work directions of the Discipline Team are formulated based on matters of school-based concerns. With an emphasis on persuasive reasoning, school rules are implemented, and students'non-compliant behaviours are handled with a multi-faceted and positive approach. It is through compliance with school rules and maintenance of good discipline and order that the rights of students can be maintained and a good atmosphere for learning can be created. We expect righteous behaviours from students so that they can establish theMs.elves and help establish others. By carrying forward the school's motto of "establishing oneself to establish others" on the basis of the school's harmonious and orderly culture, the Discipline Team creates a learning environment enriched with a sense of morality; enhances communication, coordination and collaboration between Morality, Discipline, Counselling Team teachers, other teachers and parents; and cultivates correct values among students.


  1. Create a harmonious and orderly environment of learning to facilitate smooth learning and teaching;
  2. Develop students' self-discipline and compliance with rules, and establish positive behaviours and integrity through positive discipline;
  3. Develop student leaders through passing on traditions.

Department Features


1. Leadership training
Train student leaders through establishing prefects as role models and passing on traditions. Leadership training workshops enhance prefects' team spirit, confidence and collaboration.


2. Rule of Law and National Security Education
Legal seminars and group discussions enhance secondary school students' knowledge and correct understanding of the core concepts of rule of law and the National Security Law.

2.1 Pilot Scheme on Rule of Law Education for Secondary School Students

2.2 Department of Justice Rule of Law Weekly Assembly

2.3 Rule of Law Education by the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong: Weekly assembly on understanding rights and relevant protection in Hong Kong

2.4 Rule of Law Education: Theatre drama on saying 'no' to gambling

2.5 National Security Education by Mr. David Lan, HKSAR Deputy to the National People's Congress: Weekly assembly on China's society, livelihood, anti-poverty policies and basic infrastructure


3. Weekly morning assembly
Organizations and guests are invited to weekly assemblies on various themes to cultivate correct values among students. Through these activities, students are expected to be able to establish themselves and help establish others.

3.1 Weekly assembly for S6 students: Professional conduct

3.2 Board game workshop on anti-bullying, tolerance and integration provided under the Education University of Hong Kong's Project Aspire
Project Aspire designed by the Education University of Hong Kong enables secondary school students to develop a multi-perspective understanding of bullying, reflect on their approach of social interaction with others, and develop empathy through participation in activities.

3.3 Weekly assembly on prevention of cyber bullying

3.4 Weekly assembly on understanding cyber bullying 

3.5 Weekly assembly for S1 students on prevention of mobile phone addiction

3.6 Seminar on self-protection against harm

3.7 Talk Peace Education on cultivating peace in the campus


4. Project Warmth
Assist students non-compliant with school rules in corrections and improvements through a positive discipline approach. Through participation in Project Warmth, these students are able to improve their daily behaviours.

4.1 Tuen Mun Police Station visit

4.2 Seminar on Basic Law and Hong Kong's National Security Law provided by the Law Society of Hong Kong


Student Achievements

1. Prefects onboarding ceremony

2. Presentation of certificate of appreciation to prefect

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