Overall pass achieved for the entire academic year, with conduct, application and attendance record meeting the standards of the School.



Students failing to achieve overall pass for the academic year will be required to repeat.


Tentative promotion:

If there are not enough places for repeaters, students failing to achieve overall pass for the academic year may be allowed to be promoted tentatively on a case-by-case basis.  The progress of these students will be continually monitored by pre-assigned teaching staff.


Persuaded transfer:

Students who demonstrate a lower motivation towards their studies, or who cast a negative influence on fellow students' learning process or school life, and once proven immune to the School's counseling and disciplining efforts, will be persuaded to continue with their studies in another school.


Students who have completed the S6 curriculum, sat for the HKDSE, and fulfilled all the following requirements will be granted a certificate of graduation.
1.  A passing mark (45) for the S6 year average; or level 2 or above in 5 subjects in the HKDSE (including Chinese Language and English Language)
2.  C- or above in Conduct and Application
3.  80% attendance or more
4.  Students who are unable to fulfill the criteria above will be presented a student report and a testimonial only.

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