Internal Organizations

School Management Committee Our school joined the School Management Initiative in 1991 and has established an Incorporated Management Committee to optimize overall management and implement school-based management (SBM) principles.
Steering Committee The Steering Committee is accountable to the School Management Committee and all teaching staff of the school. It provides comprehensive advice on the school's overall objectives and future directions, formulates general policies, and provides recommendations on the priorities of different projects and initiatives based on available resources. It also coordinates and monitors school planning and development work at all stages, and drives initiatives for the professional development of middle management staff and teachers. Externally, the committee is committed to building a positive image of the school in the community and to establishing a good and interactive relationship with the Parent – Teacher Association and the Alumni Association. It also maintains good and close communication with the school's sponsoring body and School Management Committee, and assists the School Management Committee in its operation and its evaluation of teachers' performance. 
Curriculum Development and Administrative Committee
The Curriculum Development and Administration Committee assists the principal in the coordination of teaching and administration of the entire school.
Student Affairs Committee
The Student Affairs Committee provides guidance and recommendations on student affairs. It also formulates and manages policies and plans on student development. 
Human Resources Development Committee
The main duties of the Human Resources Development Committee include evaluation of teachers' performance, community relations, teacher training and development, and oversight of Form Coordinators, Parent-Teacher Association, Alumni Association and Continuous Improvement Team (CIT).
Health, Safety and Energy Saving Committee
The Health, Safety and Energy Saving Committee is responsible for regulations on safety and health at the school. 
Information Technology Committee   The objective of the Information Technology Committee is to promote information technology (IT) as an effective tool of the school. The use of IT has led to significant changes at the school in recent years. Today, IT is utilized by the school's administrative staff and teachers alike. The school has been putting resources into IT through various channels. This includes the upgrading and purchase of IT equipment to create an environment conducive to teaching and learning, which boosts the creativity, multiple intelligence and active participation of students.
Student Support Team(SST)

Plan, coordinate and implement the Whole School Approach to integrated education in order to further cultivate an inclusive school culture and enhance the effectiveness of the support given to students with special educational needs.
Student Union
The Student Union acts as the bridge between the school, teachers and students.
Student Council    The Student Council collects and reflects studentsopinions and improvement suggestions to matters including those related to the Student Union, school facilities, learning environment and school rules.
Alumni Association
The Alumni Association acts as the bridge of communication between the school and its former teachers and students. 
Parent-Teacher Association
The Parent-Teacher Association establishes partnership and a communication channel between parents and the school.  
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