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Student Disciplining Committee
The credo of student disciplining: ‘The art of educating a person lies not only with teaching good students, but also teaching students well.’
Student Guidance Committee
Our goals are to facilitate healthy mental and physical development in students, cultivate in them a high level of integrity and a set of values consistent with social norms, enhance their resilience and equip them with the mental capacity to embrace challenges. We guide students towards the development of positive and self-affirming values and encourage them to utilize their potential and strengths to the full, so that they can serve the school and the community. We also focus on enhanced case management and care of students with different learning needs and abilitites.
Career Counselling Committee
Facing the multi-faceted personal growth problems of youngsters nowadays, the counseling teachers should possess and apply a broader paradigm to their career guidance work.To fulfill the need for developing comprehensive student guidance, we strive to take up the pioneering role, and wish all our colleagues the same free space for realizing their professional aspirations!
Moral & Civic Education Committee
To cultivate and encourage student leaders, the Social Concern Group and Sunny Ambassadors in the team to be proactive and innovative, advocating love & care for others, pursuing excellence, promoting and practicing our school motto: Establishing Self and Establishing Others among fellow schoolmates.
Extra-curricular Activities Committee The Extra-curricular Activities Committee provides ample opportunities for students to participate in sports and arts and develop their talents in relevant areas. 
Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
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